And Then….

It always seems there is that added “And Then” with diabetes: You change your site, and then it leaks, you bolus for your food and then half way though you are full, your Dexcom beeps and then you drink juice, your Dexcom beeps and then you take a correction, and that list can go on and on.  It weaves it way in and out of your day and then into the night. And then, there are times in your life, diabetes seems to be full of wanting attention.

It weighs heavy on you. You loathe the sound of Dexcom. You hate hearing the beeps of the pump and the meter. Beeeeep. It needs a battery.  Beeeep. It needs a reading.  Beeeeep. Beeeep. Beeeep.  You are low. Beeeep. Your pump reservoir is low.  And then Beeep Beeep.  You are high.  All within a span of an hour. And then you bump into the door jam ripping out your Dexcom site.

And then, you ponder of all “and then” moments as you change your site a day early and you realize how lucky you are. Lucky to live in a time where all this technology is truly a blessing. Lucky to access to such technology many cannot afford nor have insurance that covers a good part of it. And then, you are humbled.