In My Backpack

In my backpack, you will find a number of things that are common. I have my wallet, earphones to my cell phone, business cards, a couple of hair ties, pens, pencils, glasses and a contact case. In my backpack you could find car keys, a random hotel key, mints, and gum. You could find a quarter, dime, nickel or maybe a penny, but most likely not.

My backpack goes with me wherever I go. Always. It is never far from me. It contains things I just might need. It contains things that keep me safe. It contains things that could, if needed, might save my life.

It contains a smaller bag with my meter, strips, and lancing device in it- so I can test and find out if I need to do something to treat my glucose levels. It contains another smaller bag with an extra inset, reservoir, a vial of insulin, a syringe, alcohol wipes, skin tac, and unisolve- in case my site fails. It contains another small bad that has back up supplies- another inset, resovior, a battery cap to my insulin pump, AAA battery and a small long red case that contains glucagon.  You will also find a small clear bag of some sort of fast acting glucose. Right now, it is starburst jellybeans. And of course, there are used test strips. Those things have a way of collecting on the bottom.

Yes, I rarely need more than my meter case and my jellybeans, Yes, I rarely need the other things. But every now and then, diabetes like to throw a curve ball and when that happens, I want to be prepared.

So when you see me, an old 50 something year old with type 1 diabetes, sporting a backpack on wondering around and you are curious what is in it….you now know it contains my d-life.

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