“Beyond A Pre Existing Condition”

Diabetes Blog Week

Thank you Karen Graffeo at Bittersweet Diabetes for hosting the 8th annual Diabetes Blog Week. Our community thanks you for making our voice stronger, introducing us to new sites and increasing our tribe’s strength of thriving with diabetes despite what diabetes throws at us. Today I am choosing to the wildcard option. The following is the prompt for the wildcard #DBlogWeek:
Lets wrap up the week by sharing a little more about ourselves, beyond the chronic illness we or our loved ones live with.  Share an interest, hobby, passion, something that is YOU.  If you want to explore how it relates to or helps with diabetes you can.   Or let it be a part of you that is completely separate from diabetes, because there is more to life than just diabetes!  (This topic is a suggestion from the 2016 #DBlogWeek survey.)


“Beyond a Pre Existing Chronic Condition…”

I am more than T1D (Type 1 Diabetes) that is for sure. While I thrive living with a condition that constantly needs my attention much like a busy toddler, I am much  “more than my disease.”

I am a daughter, a sister, a spouse, a mom, an aunt, and a cousin of many. I am a friend to those who know me and know what a true friend is. I am a volunteer, an advocate for many other issues, and I know how to have fun. I am a business owner, an employer, and an employee. I have in my past taught Kindergarten, flipped hamburgers, and decorated cakes.

I like to cook and eat. I can make brownies that will melt in your mouth. I love to learn new things, and explore. I am a nature lover, a novice photographer, and love sports. I rather read a book, do a puzzle, or play a game than watch tv.

I have a hard time sitting still, and sometimes have a hard time stopping my imagination. Squirrel moments are a real struggle for me. Just ask those around me.

My children are smart, athletic, and kind. And I am very proud of them. I might not have been the perfect mom, but they know I love them and I know they love me. I technically have two daughters but consider many of their friends my children too.

So if by chance you run into me, do not be shy. Step right up and introduce yourself. But be aware with that hi might come a hug,  And just for fun, ask me if I have brownies…I might surprise you because I just might have some with me.

#StonerJokesDoNotStopEver  #ThatIsAWrapUpForTheWeek #DBlogWeek2017

And just a side note here:


This is a wonderful week. Although I am running two days behind. I want to thank you for inspiring many new bloggers to just write, encouraging them to find their voice, and letting them know your story matters. Things people with chronic conditions need to hear more often in today’s climate.

If you want to read more of #DBlogWeek, you can find more blog post here.

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