The PrePack Panic


I am officially starting the prepack panic in making sure I have everything I need to survive leaving my house for 9 days.

This is just a part of things I will need to manage my Type 1. There are juice boxes missing, and peanut butter to sustain me on stubborn lows that I will most likely experience at 2/3 in the morning on my adventure to the Friends for Life Conference.

There is the missing USB port charger for five cords so I can keep devices charged. There is a missing iPad to keep by my bedside which eases the burden of knowing my number with a glance in the middle of the night.

There is insulin, syringes, a cooler with freezer packs, and a prescription cream from the rash I get with adhesives absent as well. There are other prescriptions missing that are preventive meds to keep my body healthy.

There is an extra pebble watch that is far more waterproof than one I prefer to wear missing. And other odds and ends that are not pictured.

The point is, I want my friends who do not live in my T1D world, to understand I never pick up and go. None of this is optional. I carry a lot of this with me EVERYWHERE.

Ever wonder why I have a backpack instead of some cute purse? Because I always have backup supplies with me. Even to just the grocery store.

Am I worried I will forget my toothbrush? Nope. I can buy one at the store. Am I worried about forgetting to pack underwear or pajamas? No. Not at all. But I do worry I will forget something I will need in my T1D. Every single trip I take. Whether that is a weekend or a week trip. It’s not like I can pick up most of my supplies at a local pharmacy. They all take waivers, multiple phone calls, and some supplies have to be mailed order. So I check and double check. Sometimes triple check.

But the good thing about this conference…is IF I forget some T1D supply, most likely there will be someone who has extra. And that brings a peace of mind to my soul that is hard to explain. It’s a conference where everyone pricks their finger before eating, takes insulin, waits 15 min before eating. It’s a conference where carb counts are given to you at meal time for everything. Where glucose tabs are in every single room. It’s a conference where the beep beep beep of Dexcom alerts everyone and multiple people ask who needs juice? It’s a conference where even the waiters and bartenders know that if a guest with a green band ask for juice, they stop and take care of it immediately. And often come back and ask if you need more – and then refuse to let you pay for it. It’s a conference where when one gets low, they understand when you just need to sit for a few minutes and often others will just sit beside you.

Unfortunely, most of you won’t get it. And I pray you don’t. But to my T1D friends who do get it- I can’t wait to see you!

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#Badavocate #BrowniesAreBolusWorthy